Our Services

From engineering and planning to construction of houses, shopping malls and highways and metro stations for big cities all over the Country.

Pre-construction services

Through clarification of and commitment to project team goals, Trinnox associate limited provides the project client and architect with control of the project‟s schedule, budget and quality. This is accomplished with studies, expert advice in construction means and methods of confirmation of the Trinnox associated limited project team‟s understanding of these goals with mockups, sample and investigations of existing product installations.



Construction is the process of creating and building infrastructure or a facility. Construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of such structures as buildings, paved and unpaved roads, bridges, waterways and water works, earth dams, valley tanks and other water supplies and sewerage systems and other water impounding and flood control structures.


Electro mechanical works

Electro-Mechanical works systems. Devices which carry out electrical operations by using moving parts are known as electromechanical systems. Disk drives, printers and motors are examples. Electromechanical systems must be designed for the eventual deterioration of moving components that wear over time.


Consultancy and construction cost management. Cost management is prepared to include all construction costs including professional fees and contingency. All costs included in the cost management will be included in the developement budget in addition to the developer’s fees and other items such as project insurance and agent’s fees.



Provision of transport and equipment hire services.This information sheet is for dutyholders involved in construction work. It replaces previous guidance contained in provision of welfare facilities at transient construction sites and fixed construction sites. It gives guidance on the minimum welfare facilities that must be provided to workers on construction sites.



ICT related services too on the website which involve;website design and hosting, research data analysis,computer network solutions, computer training programmes, software development, air conditioning installation,web hosting and domain registrations, ICT outsourcing,GPS tracking,Data backup and recovery,computer maintainence and repair,branded social media and online marketing,ecommerce store development vendor,SEO agency,networking company |ISI|+SOFT technologies, graphic design,digital agency,software for engineers and architects,IT hardware support, ICT consultancy and mobile app development, app development


Business Registration

We competently do Registrations of Companies with Uganda Registration Services Bureau, TINs with  Uganda Revenue Authority, KCCA and business license registrations in Uganda

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